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Course Fee : Rs. 7,000 | Course Duration : 15 Hours

PPC Course We offers And Thier Detail Overview

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
History of PPC
Online vs Offline Marketing
How does PPC work?
Evolution of PPC
Google AdWords
Importance & Benefits of PPC
Basic of PPC
Yahoo Search Marketing
What is Keyword Research?
Importance of targeted keywords
Keywords popularity & Search Volume
What is bidding?
How to increase position on search?
Importance of bidding techniques
Difference in SEO & PPC keywords
Selecting targeted / related keywords
Categorizing keywords in Ad Groups
What is Quality Score?
Bid Management
Competitive Analysis for bidding
Researching for PPC keywords
Analyzing competition keywords
PPC keywords tools and resources
Effect of Quality Score on bidding?
User Defined bids and Automatic Bids
Google Adwords Account Structure
Language Targeting
Budget Management
Using Multiple Account
PPC Campaign Structure
Device Targeting
ROI Management
Using My Client Center (MCC)
Location Targeting
Campaign Management
Conversion Tracking
Create Effective Ads
Example of Effective ads
Ad Group Monitoring
Google Adwords Editor
Measurement of Title, Description, URL
Features of ads
Google Adwords Tool
Ad copy testing
Ad Group Creation
Keywords Spy
Campaign Performance Reports
Keywords Performance Reports
Ad group Performance Reports
Ads Performance Reports
Day Parts Reports
Traffic Reports

Why SEO Service

SEO is extremely important for every business ppc training in bahraich to achieve their targeted customers, That's why we're offering ppc training in bahraich SEO Courses in Delhi. Internet Marketing is one of the best ideal approaches to sell products ppc training in bahraich and services online and to get maximum exposure. Nowadays a majority of ppc training in bahraich organizations utilizing digital and ppc training in bahraich Internet marketing to make their brand ppc training in bahraich reputed in the eyes of their clients and additionally ppc training in bahraich in the eyes of ppc training in bahraich search engines.

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Why Do courses with JCSI

Learn From Experts

We have expert tutors. ppc training in bahraich They have years of ppc training in bahraich expirence in thier field .

Practical Training

We mainly focus on the practical knowledge.So. ppc training in bahraich we make our students work on ppc training in bahraich live projects.


We provide certificate for your skill which is a ppc training in bahraich proof of your knowledge and our ppc training in bahraich certificates are easily acceptable ppc training in bahraich by all companies.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make our ppc training in bahraich students ready for job. And assist ppc training in bahraich our student lifetime and make them update ppc training in bahraich to latest market updates.We made some steps for ppc training in bahraich this like :-


JCS is one of the ppc training in bahraich best institute in Delhi NCR providing detailed program in Internet Marketing.

Personal Attention, ppc training in bahraich Flexible Class Schedule, Live Training & In ppc training in bahraich Depth Curriculum makes it ppc training in bahraich a preferred choice over others.

Advanced Course in Pay Per Click(ppc)


Internet Marketing is emerging day by day. Many new courses related to the same are coming up drawing top-notch career ppc training in bahraich opportunities for ambitious learners for ppc expert. ‘Pay Per Click (PPC) Training’ ppc training in bahraich involves a model of internet advertising which is used to channelize the traffic to websites. In this entire process, ppc training in bahraich publishers are paid by the advertisers whenever the user clicks on the ads. Relevant to the target market, advertisers bid on the keywords using search engines. ppc training in bahraich It provides a global platform for advertising ppc training in bahraich campaigns on Yahoo, Google etc.


The very purpose of PPC is to achieve profitability rate ppc training in bahraich in internet marketing. Keeping a track on the ppc training in bahraich number of clicks will help you know the amount of interest and attention your website is attaining. The objective is to attain a certain amount of impressions ppc training in bahraich of the web with the quality and placement ppc training in bahraich in the rankings.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) introduces you to basic ppc training in bahraich concepts of SEM and PPC, setting up an account for Adwords of Google and differentiating ppc training in bahraich between organic and inorganic searches.

Setup of PPC Campaign covers up the key points like forming and naming of a campaign, displaying devices and locations, searching for ppc training in bahraich different networks and managing the expenses incurred.

Keywords make you master the concepts of selection of different types of keywords by carrying out an extensive research ppc training in bahraich and diagnosis. It helps you manage impressions, track the cost on per click, maintains the ppc training in bahraich quality of the score and destination of the URL. Increasing the quality score involves determining ppc training in bahraich the placing of the advertisement and payment levels etc.


On completion, students will learn management of accounts, targeting keywords, formatting ads, analyzing of tracking of ppc training in bahraich e-commerce, monitoring the performances, completing the targets within the given time duration, scrutinizing the growth, profitability, and performances, ppc training in bahraich management of the ad groups and campaigning etc.


Technologies like flat rate PPC and Bid-Biased PPC are used. ppc training in bahraich They advertise on fixed amount decided for each click, and in ppc training in bahraich auctions, which are privately hosted by the publishers or ppc training in bahraich advertising networks respectively.


Digital Marketing with its growing popularity has targeted a maximum ppc training in bahraich number of audiences and is growing rapidly. It offers wide career opportunities with advertising agencies and big firms including various ppc training in bahraich domains. You can be placed as ppc training in bahraich marketing professionals in ppc training in bahraich reputed companies around the globe.

If y0u want To Learn PPC In Jaipur Click here PPC Course in Jaipur


We are organized ppc services in Delhi with the assets of ppc training in bahraich well-versed facilities of laboratories, equipment, libraries, references, and amenities. We have a set of trained faculties ppc training in bahraich who will channel you through the course and help you solve your queries. We offer proper consultancies in placements and evaluation of companies. ppc training in bahraich We certify you with the course and are affiliates to ppc training in bahraich reputed university.

TGC ppc training in bahraich provides the best infrastructure building up the greater confidence in you to rise up and shine with zest and immense ambition to succeed and sustain the competition. Kindly contact our representative for more information.

Advanced PPC Course in Delhi PPC Stands for Pay Per Click. It is an online marketing technique, which is used to attract targeted visitors. In this marketing, ppc training in bahraich advertisers pay to Google Adwords whenever their ads are clicked on websites or from a search engine. Advertisers generally ppc training in bahraich bid on keyword phrases, ppc training in bahraich but a few of them also opt for fixed price. With the help of this PPC advertisements, the advertiser gets targeted traffic from websites and search engines because it’s all about linking relevant keyword. When advertisers bid on ppc training in bahraich ads placement on a search engine, it is generally referred as search engine marketing. In this method, we bid on specific keywords and when user search relevant keyword ppc training in bahraich then the ad would show up in the results as ads by Google. The sponsor who will bid more for any specific keyword will get ppc training in bahraich more exposure and clicks as sponsor ads by Google. To get above and more PPC advertising benefits you need to have a proper strategy to follow, ppc training in bahraich which might be tough as a beginner, ppc training in bahraich thus it’s always advisable to hire an expert or take PPC Course in Delhi from Professionals and run a campaign on Google search engine, ppc training in bahraich display partners with ppc training in bahraich practical knowledge.

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is an instrument of web promoting where every snap on the promotion implies that the sponsors need to pay the distributer who is ordinarily the site proprietor. ppc training in bahraich We at King of Digital Marketing teach this mechanism to implement your own website. This is the motivation behind why this procedure is otherwise called the expense per-click strategy for promoting. It encourages in creating ppc training in bahraich movement to the site and is known not one of the quickest ways that could be available. Additionally, since the publicist ppc training in bahraich needs to pay just when a potential customer taps on the advertisement, it empowers one to create mindfulness around a brand with no superfluous expense. To comprehend it in better way we require a Recognized PPC Training Institute in Delhi which is putting forth ppc training in bahraich best guiding in such courses. Google Adwords Training:

Google AdWords Pay Per Click better known as Google AdWords PPC tool plays an important role in promoting business and trade. ppc training in bahraich hense learning Google adwords for any business man or any online advertiser is necessary. This is because Google is the most widely and globally used reliable search engine; so when advertisements are advertised on it then definitely it ppc training in bahraich brings your websites into the limelight and users get to know about your products resulting in expansion of ppc training in bahraich your trade. The advertisements can be placed with the usage of Google AdWords, a utility built specifically for ppc training in bahraich digital marketing purpose that involves Internet.

So far, we have been successful in teaching and educating our students PPC course and Training, and therefore, we are sure that if you acquire the same training from us, you will also be benefitted to a ppc training in bahraich great extent.

Why Use Google AdWords Service?

Google AdWords, an online advertising ppc training in bahraich service that places advertising copy at highlighted locations such at the top, bottom of, or beside the list of results that Google displays for a particular search query; has its own importance in expanding business.

Advanced AdWords Strategies:

In the final course of PPC University, you'll learn more advanced search engine marketing strategies such as retargeting, geotargeting, and mobile PPC. By the time you're done, you might not be an AdWords expert, but you'll be close!

Why PPC Training Course?

Such advertising permits organizations to take a shot at a set ppc training in bahraich spending plan as the promotions quit showing every time as far as possible is come to. The way that PPC can target particular catchphrases, it causes just those customers to visit the site who are well on the way to contribute on the item. This procedure is much more compelling than other internet publicizing components since the advertisement begins ppc training in bahraich showing up on query item pages when the promotion goes live as opposed to producing ages to take results. At long last, this ppc training in bahraich strategy additionally gives one the adaptability of publicizing just in target particular areas, permitting the organization to control all parts of the advertisement crusade consequently for ideal results. So picking a Top PPC Training Center in ppc training in bahraich Delhi can be a testing undertaking.

Why jcs for PPC Training in Delhi

Our expert mentors can make your preparation less demanding with their ability. In the wake of being in this area for quite a long time, they comprehend the most recent pattern of PPC exceptionally well. At jcs, we outline our courses in such a way it will help you to accomplish a specific level of this advertising procedure according to the need of the most recent business sector pattern. Regardless of whether you are an amateur in this industry or an expert advanced promoting individual, we have answers for every one of you through our unprecedented preparing on this subject. We can mastermind some live venture preparing for the more elevated amount of understudies of jcs. The Institute has earned its name and acclaim in the wake of finishing numerous effective years in this industry. Joining our courses on this subject means securing your position in the realm of Pay Per Click advertising. You can construct a safe vocation in this industry by accomplishing our authentication once you finish our preparation.

PPC Training Institute in Delhi

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of most popular and effective methods of paid marketing on the web. It’s a unique advertising concept beneficial to brands from across industries. It’s a great tool for quality lead generation on the internet and help businesses reach to their target audience in a hassle-free manner. This paid advertising model is helpful for getting quick traffic and visitors and growing the digital footprints of your business.

We, at DreamVision Technologies, understand the power of PPC and that’s why bring a training to benefit anyone, whether freshers, graduates, managers or job-seeking individuals, from it. Our PPC training is aimed at imparting knowledge of direct online marketing to trainees. The focus will be on teaching how to get quickest possible traffic and realize short-term goals of the business easily.

Our Pay Per Click program is very helpful from career point of view as you can learn to benefit brands from Google Advertising and acquire online leads in the quickest way possible. Our course curriculum is developed according to latest industry trends and involves covers Paid Networks, Google Adwords, Bing Yahoo Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and Twitter Ads.

Our PPC training imparts knowledge of everything – right from keyword planning to campaign designing, geo targeting to ad campaign optimization, display campaign to remarketing, conversion tracking to mobile app marketing. We have PPC experts from the industry who share their knowledge and make students learn from real projects and gain an insight into paid marketing. The course curriculum is advanced and industry-specific so that our trainees never face any problems in job.

Google AdWords Course

Google AdWords Course

Google AdWords Course, or Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising is one of the most effective methods of paid advertisement. It involves two steps—the first is to use the Google AdWords Tool for selecting the keywords in trend to use in advertising and the second step is to set up the Pay Per Click advertising. All those who want to capitalize on the number of online users who search for a particular product, service or information, use this format of advertisement. The beauty of this campaign is that you can start using it from the very first day of your online existence.

Good knowledge and understanding of this advertising format will put you ahead of your peers, competitors and help you secure a good job. You will come to know as to how to use this campaign judiciously and to the best use of your employers. Even if you want to start your own business and hence want to be your own boss, a command over this campaign will help you get a decisive edge over your competitors.

Digital Payout is the institute that has made advance Google Adwords Course in Delhi quite popular. We are endowed with almost all the things, right from the location of our coaching to advance technology, faculty members and placement records that are necessary for an institute to make its presence felt far and wide. Today, we are recognized as the provider of best Google Adwords in Delhi, and definitely, we have not achieved it overnight. Our flawless teaching methods, state-of-the-art technologies, cordial staff members and highly competent and qualified faculty members have made us earn a position where we are today.

Digital Payout is the coaching institute you can confide fully if you are among those who are in search for a PPC training institute in Delhi that could best serve their purpose. Our Google Adwords Courses in Delhi is known to provide impressive placements. We have got the reputation of being the Best PPC Institute in Delhi as we are the only one to have maximum placement records, state-of-the-art technology, highly competent and capable faculty members, amicable staff members and homely atmosphere.

Join the Best Google Ads/Adwords/PPC Course in Delhi

Our Advanced Google AdWords training course is made up of industry experts. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, is a platform for online advertising on Google and its partner’s websites where advertisers can attract their online customers to their websites and can promote their business effectively. This PPC course will make you job ready also.

IIADM provides the Best PPC Course in delhi. Our PPC training is best because of our most advanced curriculum. And IIADM is the only Digital Training Institute where Real Industry Experts from Google will teach everything. That is main reason why IIADM is best for PPC Course in delhi.

This Google Ads/AdWords/PPC training program will help you; how to set up your AdWords account, how choose the best keywords with match types, how to write effective ad copy, how to track your audience, how to create a landing page, how to optimize the performance of your ads and how to generate leads. We will give training on how you can get the conversion for any business with a minimum budget and maximize your AdWords marketing goals.

At IIADM, students not only learn the latest and the best skills of Google AdWords/Ads/PPC but also learn the techniques to attract more customers on their websites locally and globally using PPC/Google Ads/AdWords.

Join the best institute for PPC course in Delhi and make yourself successful in the field of Google AdWords.

Benefits of PPC or Google AdWords/Ads for a Business :

Faster Results

Increase Brand Awareness

Outrank your Competitor Ads

Influence on the audience to make the purchase

Your ad visible to the high-quality audience

Ad Scheduling to Reach the Audience at the Right Time

Remarketing your audience & much more…


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the best modern advertising strategy that is used to target the prospective audience over the social media to increase the sale. In this method, advertiser advertises on different websites and pay for the each click made by the audience. This has raised the demand for PPC Training Course. We understand that this is very effective marketing technique and is widely providing career option and business growth to job seekers and business owners. With this one can generate leads at low cost and grow the customer base easily. PPC training provided by us concentrates on using the search engine for generating clicks for the websites rather than concentrate on earning. This is also the form of sponsored ads.

Why prefer us for best PPC and Google AdWords course?

The answer to this is simple, we have expert trainers who are in the industry and well understand the concept of placing ads to the Google search engine. The sessions provided assures of providing in-depth knowledge of the PPC through instructor lead and video lesson, a screen cask walks through a session using live AdWords program and links to various live sessions and tools and articles for detailed information. We also make sure to regularly update the course contents and opt for the latest tools that Google has experienced. This helps in keeping the trainees up to date. We ensure that you will learn the best ways to showcase your ads over the internet using flash, social media, banners and other ways.

ur PPC Course Delhi and AdWords training are highly dedicated to the entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing professionals, marketing students and job seekers in this industry who loves to learn about the best tactics for placing ads on Google search engine. Trainers will learn the best way to use the AdWords performance grade to grade the PPC and find the exact progress. After completing this PPC course, trainees will be able to handle the Pay-Per-Click campaigns with the ability to add PPC keywords, add negative keywords, split Ad groups, define landing pages and review costly PPC keywords.

In Delhi, we have emerged as the top Institute that provides PPC training to the desired candidates. Our sessions are balanced with best trainers, content, video and theoretical learning, live projects etc to provide firsthand knowledge to the trainees. For further detail on the course, desired candidates can reach us using the contact details.

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